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Hello Eddie,

I feel that mold is the main reason why I am here; it really messed me up and gave me horrible symptoms. I had severe leaky gut from it and it really caused the candida to bloom in my body. I had it in my bathroom and left it untreated for about 2 years. It travelled throughout my apartment and got on all of my possessions. I noticed I felt good only when I was not in the apartment.

My car had a leaky sunroof so my car had a very bad mold problem as well. I used to drive around with a brown paper bag due to hyperventilation (not safe) I was in such a bad shape. I ended up moving due to the mold and it was a great decision. I even developed seizures because the mold and my diet at the time was eating away at my neuromembrane (back of cranium). I became a mess.

Throw away the carpet or get it dry cleaned if you like it. Tell the dry cleaner about the mold and they can treat it.

Thoroughly clean the place too afterwards and use bleach or vinegar to kill the rest of the mold. Be sure to keep an eye out for “dust” that could be mold spores.