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The MMS log.

My case:

9 years depression and chronic fatigue. Hypersensitive (constant stress). The candida problem came in about 4 years ago due to bad diet, depression, and stress. Its lodged in deep in the gut as I have made it worse and worse in the years that I just ignored it and was stuffing myself with alcohol and sugar. I have tried to deal with it last year with significant healing results after about 8 weeks with diet, and ridiculous amounds of supplements, probiotics and anti fungals: spirulina, neem tree and MMS (all taken together though).
Physical drawback and psychological problems made me fall back into destructive habits, and straying too far of the diet while drinking coffee and alcohol over the course of last year have brought the candida back in full force. I am currently unable to work, study, or do anything productive. Candida is not the whole problem, but a very crucial part of it.

Here we go:

Recieved the MMS today and started with the recommended 1 drop. No bad reaction.(which could be nausea, vomiting, stomach ache).

As I have taken this stuff before, I am going to up the dose pretty quickly each day until I reach the maximum of 14 drops per serving. Today I will have another drop. If it goes well I’ll go to 2 drops per serving tomorrow, 4 times a day. This should cause reactions. I have quit all anti fungals besides a little coconut oil.
I have been on the strict diet now for 4/5 weeks. Felt like crap the entire time, serious die-off. And I still feel shitty. But I know that I’m doing stuff wrong.

My symptoms:
– Chronic fatigue
– Brainfog, feeling completely spaced out
– Rectal itching
– Constipation/irregular bowel movements
– Bloating/feeling of brick in stomach after taking certain heavy foods
– Being out of breath for no reason
– Muscle pain in the legs/heavy legs
– Feeling hot one moment and cold the next
– Concentration problems
– Depression

Things that comprimise my progress:
– Smoking (a joint a day, with tobacco)
– Cheating with these foods: cashews, (organic) beef, tomatoes.
– I did not do the cleanse, just lunged into the diet. (really quitting coffee and alcohol addiction was a very big deal)
– bad state of mind
– No exercise (no energy)
– No raw vegetables ever

Things that I do right:
– Probiotics at night
– Coconut oil (couple of spoons a day on coconut/chicory cake)
– Tons of exotic spices in my food
– A lot of lemon ginger tea
– Eat plenty of onion and a decent amount of garlic
– Sticking to the diet besides the cheats.

This lifestyle routine is expected to last for at least a few weeks, therefore, I think it is safe to say that if I make any significant progress, it is because of the MMS. I will report any changes, good or bad.