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You should message Able900 for a copy of the strict diet; that will help out your symptoms a lot.

Bentonite clay is a little controversial, although I’m not sure of the reason. I used it for a few days and hated it, it made me constipated and it tastes like dirt because, you know, it’s dirt.

I would stop eating basically everything you’re eating, except the salads/veggies (and sometimes it’s hard to digest raw veggies, so watch for that) and the eggs. Legumes and grains feed candida. You can vary the diet by preparing veggies in different ways (steamed, in soup, stir fry, etc.) and using different types of spices (italian vs curry, etc). Just think about how miserable you are now and how being boring for a few months will make you a lot less miserable in the long run.

Sorry to tell you this, but you won’t be healed in 5 weeks. If you stick to the strict diet and take antifungals, probios, etc., you will feel some relief by 5 weeks, but this takes a long time to heal. There are a lot of layers to work through – get rid of candida, heal the body, heal the liver, etc.

As far as chocolate cookies go…sorry 🙁 The candida loooves chocolate cookies. Once you’re on the diet for a few weeks though, you can make things like coconut bread, which is really good, and your interest in chocolate cookies will not be quite so high.

The first 10-14 days are the worst, in my opinion. Once you get past the initial sugar/carb detox, cravings, etc., and kind of get a pattern down for how you are going to eat, it’s really not as bad. You’ll also be a lot less irritable and anxious as the candida dies. I have been journaling through this experience and the tone of my entries has really changed since day 1 (I am on day 25 – not feeling great, but feeling better and more hopeful than days 1-10)