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Hope wrote: Organic cow’s milk would cover many, if not all, of these bases as well. The extra hormone (like estrogen) is given to help the cows breed and/or produce more milk. Hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals of any sort are not used in organic milk production. As I understand it, if an animal needs medical treatment, i.e. pain killers, antibiotics, her milk cannot be sold as “organic” for a specified period of time. Of course, you’d want to make sure your milk was certified and also from a reliable, organic source.

Every 8-ounce glass of 2% reduced fat milk contains 20mg of cholesterol.
Almond milk is cholesterol-free.

Katy: I wouldn’t want to drink soy milk while there was still a question about Candida in the system. Actually, I wouldn’t drink it regardless of Candida since somehow I find it very distasteful.

Not so sure about rice milk, it has a glycemic index of 85. To make a comparison of that number, the glycemic index of a serving of mashed potatoes is 80. It’s still just another starch to me, and having so many choices without starches, I just leave them alone. But that’s just me, and I guess I just like the taste of almond milk.