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Nice! I just took a light read through that but I’m gonna have to go back through it and take a deeper look to piece it all together, I was thinking about getting that book, I saw it advertised on his site when I watched the parasite video you linked.

I found something really cool today, I’m not sure if you have heard of it, its called NT factor. It’s literally supposed to fix cell membranes and heal the mitochondria. Rich actually started suggesting it last year I believe and it seems hit or miss. I was reading some case studies of people who have had CFS for 20+ years and this supplement helped a TON. I don’t think its a cure for CFS or anything, but apparently It helped people who were 100% bed-bound to be able to get up and do stuff around the house.

Check out the description it’s fascinating:
^ This one looks much more affordable for the amount you get.

I’ve read a few scientific papers on it and it looks like real good stuff. A couple of pioneer doctors give it to their patients as well. It’s pretty expensive though. I think if the price is too much you can substitute with 1200MG of Lecithin a day according to rich.