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That is very interesting, I’ve never thought about that before. I have extended family members who have had thrombosis,stroke,heartattack, so that is a real possibility. Most of those symptoms match up for me and other family members as well. It doesn’t really say too much about how to treat besides trying to eliminate the source of the problem via antiviral or antibiotics. Do you have any suggestions for followup to that? I think i saw the testing is done in arizona?

This could explain why i feel circulation issues, it really feels like my blood is thick sometimes and it gives me heart pain sometimes when i stand or need blood flow quickly.

Even before getting sick when I was pretty normal I would feel like my circulation had issues occasionally.

Wouldn’t that lead me to have constantly high BP? Mine is always pretty low, like 110/70ish or so.

Thanks for posting that.

Also the niacin makes sense, I will consider it. I decided to up the ADB some more as I haven’t really noticed any major side effects so far, it does give me a bit more energy for a couple hours after taking it. I think I did 1MG today and I’m just gonna keep it there for a few days to see what happens.

I think my plan right now is to get the ADB to where I want, start the hydroxyb12 and get that to where I want, then possibly test some methylfolate. I just want to make sure I can get some pathways working/opened with the b12, so that the methylfolate doesn’t just clutter stuff up and can be processed properly

Edit, i did just notice treatment by heparin