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Due to a few studies that came out recently that tied homocysteine to heart disease, traditional medicine recognizes and tests for homocysteine. It is quite common. It is a blood test. Even the mthfr defects are now being tested for and recognized by some traditional doctors, though they are pretty clueless as to proper treatment. Tell your doc to stop being lazy and start reading his journals lol.

Most, if not all, docs in the know will recommend staying away from glutamine for a person with an excitotoxin problem. Some think it should be left alone, period. Try sodium butyrate instead if you have the cash. If not, make your own by supplementing soluble fiber, its cheap.

If you are still wanting to look for a good doc, I would recommend a good integrative cfs specialist that is familiar with methylation and possibly even biotoxin illness. Most are at this point, to some degree anyways. Sign in on phoenixrising and ask those foks, they would probaby have the best recommendation for you.

If you have it done, you can have your doc order the C3a/C4a, then find a lab that works with/has an account with Mayo and have your blood sent there. Mayo has National Jewish do that test for them, that’s the lab it has to go to. Do not use Labcorp or anyone that will send it to Labcorp, make sure that does not happen. The Mayo test codes are C3a- #FC3AL & C4a- #ZW85, #C4AL. For reference, I had mine done for $160 for both, hospital labs are usually cheaper. I believe Quest asks $200. If that comes back elevated, it would definitely account for your shortness of breath and fatigue, and requires its own specific treatment. Thats a whole new subject.

There is still more to report from your mthfrsupport panel, i’ll post more as I get time. If you’re feeling froggy see what info you can dig up on the ACAT mutation and its treatment. I had a tough time finding info on that one the last time I looked, two heads are better than one.