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Make sure you take the methylfolate with methylb12, otherwise you will “methyl trap” and methylfolate will start getting forced out of your cells, which is not pleasant trust me haha.
The same goes for the b12, if you don’t have enough folate it will produce unstable cobalamin which can make a mess over time and bind to minerals. So supplementing them together is key.

It’s best to take the methylfolate 30 minutes before the methylb12. They are both pretty cheap to get started, (I think under $15-20 for 30 days of both) When you use the methylb12 stick it in your upper lip and hold it there as long as you can, at least 45 minutes. I try to go for 2 hours if I don’t have to talk to people a lot.

Definitely fax the results and talk about all this with your ND before you start if you can, I just wanted to provide some info.