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do you think removing my filling could alone help with my vaginal yeast troubles even though i believe this problem was caused by antibiotics and/or the flu shot? can i do the “challenge” w/o aggrevating the candida?

I think you need to focus on your gut flora. Studies have shown that the reasons why some can handle fillings, and antibiotics with no problem is because they have good gut flora. I’ve resolved to spend the next year nursing my gut flora.

Here’s a quote from Dr. Natasha Campbell
“The digestive track all spread out would cover a tennis court, and it’s the perfect place for anything harmful in the environment to settle, yet the good bacteria there chelate (remove) chemicals and toxic metals – if they can’t destroy it, they grab and it take it from the body.

Two groups of rats were given organic mercury. One group were given a powerful antibiotic, the other group were not. The mercury got into the bloodstream of only about 1% of those without the antibiotic, and 90% of those with the antibiotic. Keep gut flora healthy and strong and it will protect you. (When antibiotics are taken they wipe out bad bacteria AND beneficial bacteria.)

If you have healthy solid gut flora, it will chelate the mercury and take it out.”

I started the GAPS diet this month.