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Floggi;49297 wrote:
Unfortunate as it may be, things are not as simple as that.

Amalgam is an alloy. It is not released from the dental fillings into the mouth or into the body. If it would be, the dental filling would quickly wear away – which it obviously doesn’t.

The very tiny fraction of the amalgam that does get released will remain an amalgam. That is, there is no loose mercury floating around: the mercury remains tightly bound to the other contents of the amalgam.

Mercury poisoning does exist, but the cause is always either working in some dirty industry that uses lots of mercury in an unsafe working environment, or eating large amounts of seafood, especially fish at the top of the food chain. Alarmists like to mix up this real mercury poisoning and the non-existent danger of amalgams or even vaccinations, but there is no real reason to treat such different things as if they would be comparable.

Finally, no organism is known to benefit from mercury. This includes candida. So even if one would have been exposed to mercury (in a dirty gold mine, or by eating lots of seafood), one would experience neural problems, not candida growth.

You are ignoring the fact that mercury toxicity impairs the immune system, specially cell-mediated immunity. Candida is an opportunistic microbe that is kept under control by the immune system and the antagonistic bacterial flora. Impaired immunity caused by mercury or any other cause allows candida to growth on mucosal tissues. Mercury polarizes the immune system toward to a Th2 immune response depressing the Th1 branch.

There is also a huge amount of anecdotal evidence left by people who had battled chronic illness such as candidiasis who had recovered after an effective chelation protocol to eliminate mercury. Anecdotal evidence has value even if there isn’t scientific documentation about that matter. At the end, what candida sufferers WANT is to win this battle not to demonstrate if mercury is the real cause or not. This forum isn’t about scientific proof but to bring help and hope to those who needs to recover their former health.