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nikki;33839 wrote: Thats a great story. Thanks for the post.


did you have amalgum fillings?
did you get them removed?
I can understand people having mercury poisoning if they had amalgam filings, and their symptoms going off when the filings are removed.

But, in my case I never had them.
I dont know why I have mercury in me, and where it is?

Is it in my blood, or hidden somewhere in my body.

If its not in the blood how can it burden the immune system?

Yes, I had fillings (only 2) They were removed in 2010.
It isn’t true that removing the fillings eliminate the symptoms. You need to chelate with proper chelators for the right time.

Mercury is present in the environment, vaccines, fish, lamps, etc.

If you have it, you have it don’t matter the source. You need to be reading about proper chelation ( No chlorella, cilantro, etc ) but ALA, DMPS, DMSA, and the proper way to use them. I suggest you Andy Cutler…!!