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Floggi;52956 wrote:
You say the number of vaccinations increases. Maybe so in the USA, not in my country. Over here, the number of vaccinations is about constant. Still, the number of autism diagnoses is increasing. Do you have any explanation for that?

Second point is that even if the number of vaccinations is increasing in the USA, that does not necessarily mean that the exposure to thiomersal is increasing. The vast majority of vaccines are now thiomersal-free. This means that even if you get more vaccinations, you do not necessarily get more thiomersal.

I think it would be best to look at the numbers. Do you have any source, not on the number of vaccinations, but on the total amount of thiomersal that is injected?

Mercury isn’t the single causative factor behind autism, although it is the major catalyst. Autistic children have many problems some of which include: chronic viral infection, underlying bacterial infections, excitotoxin damage, genetic mutations, all in addition to mercury toxicity and other heavy metal poisoning–such as aluminum, which is also included in the vaccines you like to peddle.

It’s no coincidence that the symptoms of mercury poisoning and the symptoms of autism are nearly identical.

Here’s another link for readers of this thread to explore:

I encourage you to look at the comments and read through some of these people’s testimonies. The anecdotal evidence alone regarding this issue is overwhelming. Enough so, that everyone should seriously consider this issue and to do their own research. Relying on statements from the CDC and FDA is not something I would recommend.