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I too take a thyroid replacement for hypothyroidism. I noticed that some of the supplements have been playing with my thyroid/TSH levels.

Before you even begin taking any vitamins and supplements, I would get a blood test to check your thyroid/TSH, so you can have a base line. After you’ve done that and you start the anti-fingals I would wait at least four hours after taking your thyroid meds to take a supplement.

I noticed that the anti-fungals and other liver support supplements have seriously interfered with my thyroid medication. My TSH level was really good and then the candida supplements drove the TSH up, up, up. (btw a higher number with TSH is not good)

Monitor how you feel and determine if you’re becoming hypothyroid symptomatic again. As to whether you increase or decrease your dose is something that you’ll have to talk to your GP about.