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Indeed, that’s a different test. The theory is that obesity is at least partially caused by the bacteria in your gut. They are now testing that theory.

I have the same experience as KSG with older doctors not knowing as much and not being as open as the younger ones. I think this has to do with the major change in attitude that occurred sometime during the 1970’s. Originally, doctors were like gods. They were perfect, they knew better what was good for us than we did ourselves, and explanation was not neccessary because the patient was too dumb to understand anything.

When I was much younger, I met some of those old-fashioned doctors.

In my experience, this attitude has almost died out. There are only few doctors left who still live in that old world, and they are now in their 60’s or even older.

I’d say that any doctor younger than about 50 is of the new kind, many (not all) doctors older than about 60 are of the old kind, and those in between vary, though most of those are already of the new kind.