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You haven’t been following the protocol which must be followed along with the strict diet.

Look at the multiple vitamins you were taking: The B vitamin percentages are outrageously out of balance. The B vitamin, Biotin, is of major importance during a Candida infestation, and you’re only receiving 25% of your daily requirement whereas you’re receiving 1666% of your B12 daily requirement. This type of imbalance can cause a deficiency of biotin. Don’t start the multiple vitamins back whatever you do, but you can purchase some pure biotin and take those every day. Please read this post to see how important biotin is to the protocol.
Biotin Deficiency and Candida

Coconut oil does not normally raise the LDL cholesterol level, but it does raise the HDL level which is a benefit to the overall reading.

I also introduced a couple new foods a week or two ago, but as far as I know I don’t usually get a delayed reaction to new things as far as I can tell.

What were the new foods introduced?

Should I also introduce a vitamin C supplement into my regimen? Is this a good supplement?

Like I wrote earlier, you’re not following the proper protocol or you would have been taking vitamin C from day one. Start at 1000 mg taken twice a day and slowly raise the amount to 1000 mg taken five times a day. The one you posted is fine.

I explain very clearly to everyone to whom I send the strict diet that if you do not follow both the protocol and diet, this will greatly lower your chances of reaching a symptom-free state.

You need to check your protein intake to find out if you’re receiving enough in a 24 hour period.

Also, you may want to refresh your memory by reading the protocol again. The Protocol