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phuzz2013;39368 wrote: I was just looking into candida and low ferritin levels and came across this article. I had no idea that iron deficiency was so connected to candidiasis. Even low ferritin levels which are sometimes overlooked if iron levels in the blood are fine. I have had a low ferritin level of 17 and chronic candidiasis.

Some of these are listed in Table 4. The commonest deficits were low stores of iron, as
measured by serum ferritin levels; depressed serum folate, as measured by the Vitamin
Assay Center of the New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry; and low levels of
vitamin A. Since iron deficiency is known to predispose to Candida infection,
35 low ferritin levels in a patient with candidiasis should be
taken seriously.
As folate deficiency can impair immune function, low serum folate may
contribute to infection in some patients. The low vitamin A levels are particularly
interesting. None of the vitamin A deficient patients had low serum carotene. In four
patients the carotene level was actually high. Montes and his colleagues,
36 in 1972, described vitamin A deficiency and normal carotene in 13
patients with chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis. Since dietary carotene is the major
source of vitamin A, it seems that vitamin A deficiency in Candida patients is not secondary
to poor diet or 53 malabsorption but to impaired oxidation of carotene to retinol. Beta-carotene oxygenase is primarily found in intestinal mucosa and its activity may be impaired in diseases which involve the intestinal mucosa. Vitamin A deficiency in patients with candidiasis is most likely a manifestation of intestinal candidiasis.Because vitamin A is necessary for the function of cytotoxic T cells and for theintegrity of mucous membranes, vitamin A deficiency will aggravate yeast infection. In correcting this deficiency the possible deficit in carotene oxygenase activity should be kept in mind. Carotene may be of little biological value as a retinol precursor in these patients.
Zinc deficiency can depress serum retinol despite normal stores of vitamin A in liver.
While there is no relationship between zinc and vitamin A deficiency in the patients in this
study, we have found it useful to pay close attention to zinc nutriture in patients with
refractory vitamin A deficiency.

People that have the Candida problem commonly have adrenal and thyroid issues. There are a number of different enzymes and vitamins levels that are skewed in people with thyroid & adrenals issues such as: low Vit C, E, Iron low white & red blood cell count, just to name a few.

Fix the balance of yeast in your body, heal your gut and your ferritin levels should normalize.