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Without a blood sugar monitor, there’s no way another could state any symptom they experienced was due to low blood sugar. With that said, over months of adhering to a strict diet I had episodes where suddenly standing up sent me crashing to the floor or just walking around would give me a woozy feeling where I couldn’t walk straight. At the time I attributed this to blood sugar issues but, now I’m not too sure. Could have been a blood pressure or volume issue. Could have been die off symptoms as well, who knows.

To answer you question, yes many report anxiety/stress during treatment (I never had anxiety issues until I got sick and they are impossible to describe to someone who hasn’t experienced them long term). Think this has a lot to do with flight/fright responses from the adrenal/thyroid. More often than not it seems these endocrine systems are weakened long before treatment and the stress from ketosis (too low carbs) from a hash transition to a candida diet only further stresses these systems out. I haven’t any proof but, it’s a logical hunch: suspect this happened to me which set me back. Not to overwhelm you with additional information which might add to your already overloaded stress levels but, perhaps checking out how candida is linked to hypothyroid might help reduce stress by providing some insight to what you are experiencing.

There is a forum protocol in how to address stress/anxiety with good advice there for the picking. You will notice there is much cross over in treating thyroid/adrenal issues which is built into this forums protocol: sometimes subtly.

Personally, I think it’s way too easy to rush every thing as a so called die off symptom such as anxiety/stress: even if they are listed as die off symptoms. This is a stressful syndrome to treat since it’s not a one pill fix situation. Stress alone is very hard on your system, using up vit’s/mins while the endocrine system tries to deal with what ever is causing the stress. This could lead to certain nutritional deficiencies: particularly with B vits. I tend to think electrolyte balance is a key but, perhaps that is just unique to my situation.

Hang in there and keep the faith….keep seeking and you shall find…