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Hello to each of you.

Both of you might try making one of the bread recipes which are on the forum under “recipes.” The breads are very good for helping you to gain your weight back or preventing you from losing more. Another good way is purchasing Condensed Coconut Cream. You can make cookies with this using the coconut flour recipe. Also, mix about three heaping tablespoons of the coconut cream to a bowl of organic Greek yogurt, add a little Truvia or Stevia extract, and you have an excellent dessert, plus, eating this two or three times a day should also help you to gain weight. Another way to gain weight is to take organic coconut oil throughout the day by the spoonful.

Be careful with the red meat proteins as they will often aggravate the Candida infestation because of the ammonia they produce when breaking down in the system. Instead of eating more meat, try to raise the portions of green vegetables. Also, rutabaga is full of fiber and is an excellent antifungal as well. If your infestation is still fairly bad, be careful the first several times you eat it, as it can cause a heavy die-off experience. Start with a very small amount and work your way up to more. An excellent tasting way to prepare it is to slice it into pieces about a quarter of an inch thick, rub olive oil on both sides and bake for about 14 minutes, turning the pieces once. Adding sea salt after baking makes it even tastier.

I would eat the rye crackers only in moderation, and I believe it depends on how long you stayed on the strict diet as to whether or not you should eat them at all.

The “recipe” section of the forum is full of helpful recipes, so if you haven’t already done so, be sure to check it out.

Let us know if you have any questions.