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hwc2020;47122 wrote:
How does the mercury thing work? You have your fillings removed by a holistic dentist and candida goes away? I am very worried about the mercury traveling and feeling worse. Can someone who has done this weigh in? Thanks everyone.


The first step to mercury detoxification is getting rid of your amalgams, yes. After removing the amalgams some people suddenly get better, but this seems to be a pretty rare exception to the general rule. After the source of mercury is removed, you must undergo a chelation protocol to remove mercury and other metals from your body. A lot of people report their food sensitivities and overall digestion improve greatly as chelation goes on. Not to mention improvements in other symptoms that Candida sufferers suffer from such as brain fog, depression, and other neurological symptoms.

Here’s a link to check out which describes in much more detail the mercury issue and the safest, most effective protocol used to rid the body of mercury after amalgam removal:

If you decide to get your fillings removed (highly recommended) you must make sure to go to a biological or holistic dentist who is well aware of the dangers of mercury and takes the necessary precautions when removing the fillings. It is inevitable that you will have some mercury issues crop up after removal, but the goal is to minimize this danger/exposure. If you go to a regular dentist and have him drill out your fillings with no precautions you can get much worse.

Here’s another link about the amalgam removal process:

IMO, the owner of that site is spot on with his articles and recommendations. He is also mercury poisoned and is chelating/has chelated with the Andy Cutler protocol.