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raster: It’s great that you have such faith in the protocol and while it has probably helped many I think it would be important to acknowledge that it is not necessarily a one size fits all solution. Because every case is different. It was precisely during the protocol that I further damaged my metabolism and destroyed my health. My already lowered body temperatures (around 95F) dropped down to 92F and many of my hypothyroid symptoms returned. I have spent months now just trying to fix the metabolic damage I caused myself.

That is why I think it would be important to consider that if there are clear signs of already lowered metabolism/hypothyroidism then one should approach carb restricted diets with caution. In the case of someone hypothyroid measuring the temperatures to see if they are improving or lowering is a good indication to go by in determining whether something is working. Because having a body temperature below 98 F is not normal, and it means the body isn’t operating normally. And if it cannot operate normally how can it heal? There are so many aspects to be considered. The diet is important of course, and I agree that in the long term eating a good healthy organic, and balanced, diet can heal many problems.

The danger is that there are so many people not getting any help from their doctors and then they end up finding their own answers on the internet. It is so easy to just self-diagnose based on reading something online and then jump into trying some protocol in the desperation of wanting to get better. I certainly did that and ended up causing more harm to myself.