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nate99 wrote: Thank you for the input and suggestions Avizy

About exercise, well you guessed it, i’m mostly a runner, usually just a couple of miles or 20 minutes, a few times a week. But this is pretty much how i’ve always exercised since i was a teenager, it’s just in the last year, starting two years after quitting the hairloss drugs, I’ve found it more difficult to run. Less energy for sure. And when I run, there is a lack of feeling in my whole body, not like before. When I do lift weights, it is very difficult for me to put on any muscle.

Well, the hairloss thing is not part of the equation. I started balding at around 19 or 20, it’s just hereditary, every male on my dad’s side of the family went through it. If only I could have just accepted it at the time, I feel i wouldn’t be going through any of this.

The only part of the equation that is a mystery to me is the crash after quitting the hairloss drugs. I know what it is supposed to feel like when the testosterone levels return to normal. However, this last time, even years since quitting the drug, the testosterone levels returned to normal, but the feeling of normalcy did not return.

We’ve all been trying to think of a common thread that unites all of the sufferers of this syndrome but we can’t. Not all of our symptoms are even the same. For some sufferers, their hormone levels never returned to even normal range. My symptoms seem like hypothyroidism, but others seem like hyperthyroidism. The variety of symptoms is just unbelievable.

On a possibly related note, I started eating more grains again today, definitely feel less energy through my body

I don’t buy the hereditary argument; at least not completely. Genes play a role in many diseases, but in many cases their expression largely depends on environment – this is what I meant when I mentioned epigenetics in my first post. Genes aren’t set it stone; they can be de/activated by all sorts of factors. Maybe your relatives have their own health problems and don’t have particularly optimal diet/lifestyle and environment.

Why do balding men have elevated prolactin levels? Why do chronic stress, poor thyroid function and malnutrition almost invariably cause hair loss? What about all the drugs that have hair loss as a side-effect? If “it’s hereditary” is an acceptable explanation, why are so many internal and external variables able to influence it? You could ask similar questions in regard to diabetes and many other diseases blamed on genetics. 

If you search PubMed for hair loss and hormone names, you’ll see that parathyroid hormone, prolactin, serotonin, o/estrogen and cortisol can all cause hair loss, whereas T3 (study here) and progesterone have been shown experimentally to regrow hair. If genes were the determining factor, I don’t understand how hormones can dictate things in this way. 

You’re right that accepting hair loss is better than destroying your health trying to prevent it, but if it’s a symptom of some imbalance, maybe it can give you some clues to help you get better. Health is more important than awesome hair, but maybe improving one improves the other. It’s worth investigating.