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Hi there
you have come a long way, well done!
Im on week 14 of the diet and to be honest I still have bad days. I wanted sugar again but was too scared to take it so I got some stevia and xlitotol (spelling) and I use that to make puddings. Also I found some gluten, wheat free flour which is great so i can bake now. I make rice puddings too which are delicious using brown rice, vanilla essence and rice milk with a bit of stevia and cinamon.
we all take different times to fully recover and they advice you to stick to the diet where poss but reintroduce once thing at a time and see how you get on.
Are you back on fruit yet? Im not, I had an apple a few weeks back and went crazy lol.
I think you could experiment with the foods you can eat .
I bake egg custard, puddings, biscuits using the flour and unsalted butter etc.
Just do one small step at a time and see how you do. But keep a food diary then if you have something that makes you feel dodgy then tick it off the not to eat list for a while then reintroduce it back at a later date.
If you do this and you are fine then let us know what you were ok with, i cant wait to expand my food list too lol x