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jennd121 wrote: Hello all! I am so excited to have stumbled upon this website again after so many years!
I have been suffering for almost 4 years from Candida, only having been diagnosed recently. I visited 9 doctors for them all to tell me it was in my head. The last doctor was a food allergist who diagnosed me with Candida. He put me on “the diet” and Nystatin for a bit, when that didn’t work, he tried me on the diflucan, which also didn’t work. He said there are allergy shots for Candida, which at this point I am not willing to commit the time and money involved.
I have been married for nearly 2 years, and our baby just turned one, so I have other things to be doing and spending my money on. He couldn’t assure me the shots would work, so I am not willing to take more time and money away from my family for me to not get better. I just finished a “full body cleanse” which is supposed to kill parasites, and am now trying 2 new things, one to clear heavy metal poisoning and one to kill metals and candida. I am just at the begining, but I’ll let you all know how it goes. I have been very strict on my candida diet since January, with no light at the end of the tunnel thus far. I am hoping this new plan will at least give me a flicker. I need a little bit of hope to keep me doing this.
It is great to have found this website and know that I am not alone in my journey, and like so many others, I am really just starting it.

What kind of Nystatin did you took ?? What dosage ?? For how long ??

Fluconazole can not work because it is a systemic drug ( go to the blood )
Candida head quarter is in the colon. These candida colonies have an incredible immune suppression power. You MUST attack the head quarter, when the colonies begin to die and go out, your immune system will begin to recover. Then, it is possible to treat any other part of the body infected with candida such as vagina, mouth, etc.

Your symptoms will subside when the amount of toxins these colonies living in the colon be destroyed. They are able to put in your bloodstream a huge load of toxins that interfere with your brain, vision, endocrine system, etc.

It is as simple as this.