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Your Thyroid and Adrenals look a bit off
If they were working correctly you would have more consistent temperature readings.

Here is your average for each day.

Friday Feb 7: 97.5
Saturday Feb 8: 97.4
Sunday Feb 9: 96.4
Monday Feb 10: 96.0

Did you do anything stressful sunday/monday? Physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.

If your thyroid were working 100% but your adrenals lacking your temp would be higher at times, around 98.6 but still with fluctuation.

If your adrenals were working 100% but not your thyroid, you would have a constant lower temperature.

If both are working great it should be a constant 98.6 or close to it depending on time of day and a couple other factors.

That’s what I think at least, I’m not a DR but hopefully that helps. The adrenals and thyroid seem to operate on a inverse relationship and can push each other out of whack if you supplement one too strongly.