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Hi Konnor,

For hypoglycaemia have you tried McCombs blood sugar balance protocol? Basically eating a little something (i.e. 1/3 of a stick of celery) every hour in order to keep the blood sugar levels balanced. Could help with some other symptoms too, such as brain fog. Has for me at least.

Besides for having to detoxify all the toxins the liver can be under enormous stress if the glygocen stores are low. This can be caused by not eating often enough, in which case the blood sugar balance protocol can already help. Or it can be caused by not getting enough carbohydrates; in this case the already burdened liver has to convert protein into useable glygocen and this can cause further stress.

Are you sure you have Candida overgrowth?

I am someone for whom no Candida plan ever worked, I only kept getting worse and worse on it. It seems to me that while there are many digestive disorders out there the doctors are clueless about what they are or what to do about them; some doctors deny that Candida overgrowth can even exist, which is as big a problem as the doctors that in the lack of knowing what else to do, diagnose every digestive disorder as “probably Candida”. It seems to me that if after 4 years you are no better you will have to question whether keeping on doing the same thing is helpful at all? As frustrating as it is you will probably need to keep searching for your own solutions.

My solutions were actually the opposite of what I had been told to do; for example, strong probiotics made me more bloated and constipated. I stopped taking them a while ago and have been able to lessen the bloating problem. I have no idea why this is and it goes against everything I’ve been told, but in my desperation of not knowing what else to do anymore I had to try something. I think it is important to remember that it is always a question of finding balance and doing too much of something (even if it is something good like the good bacterias) can be harmful if it tips over the balance. Take saunas and sweating for example; while I know it is a very important part of detoxing, isn’t it possible to overdo it as well? In my case what made my constipation worse was messing up with the electrolyte balance by taking colonics, daily saunas to sweat and then on top of everything drinking loads of water to just flush my body. I am not saying you need to stop taking saunas, as obviously you will need to help your liver to detoxify, but maybe you need to consider whether you would need to consume more salt due to the excessive sweating.

If the plan isn’t working, keep researching, questioning, evaluating everything. Hope you find some solutions!