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raster wrote: Hello Konner,

Have you ever thought about trying acupuncture? Acupuncture alone can heal the organs and rebalance the body and its been a cornerstone of my treatment. It’s also great for detoxing.

I have a liver cleanse posted on the sticky and I recommend it as a final cleanup measure.

I also have a post on the forum a few pages back where I listed a whole bunch of liver supplements. Liverplex, black walnut extract, juniper, milk thistle, and a whole bunch of other herbs can heal the liver. There is a lot to do with this topic and feel that it is a very important way to recover.

How come you’ve fought this off for 4 years without much progress? What have you been doing this whole time and what kind of diet have you been doing? What supplements are you taking? There’s room for improvement if you can share your story…we developed a forum protocol if you are interested in checking it out:

Have you ever tried a strict diet? Have you ever tried HMF neuro or megaflora?


I guess now would be a good time to share my story.

I’m 27 years old and as mentioned have been suffering for about 4 years.

I grew up with some fairly common ailments but generally was in okay health. I was born premature with jaundice but recovered fine. I had mild asthma growing up which prompted the occasional use of an inhaler. I developed acne on my chest and back in my early teens for which I used antibiotics daily for about 10 years (alternative medicine doctors have an easy job when they clock that, must be candida!…).

I was generally fine in my late teens and through university. Was eating typical crap, probably more crap than most as I never put on any weight and remained slim. Wrongly figured this meant I was immune to the effects of a poor diet. Then in my early 20’s I noticed I was developing an addiction to carbohydrates. It was often all I ate during the day. With that came blood sugar swings that resulted in hypoglycaemia. I had no idea what was going on at the time and just continued to eat junk whenever I felt ‘shaky’.

I then developed chronic post nasal drip. I went to see the ENT who prescribed numerous steroidal nasal sprays that all did nothing. He decided on recommending surgery to remove my adenoids without a real reason behind what was happening besides inflammation. As my hypoglycaemia was becoming pretty prominent at the time, I decided against surgery until I had more idea why my general health was declining. I took my search online and discovered reactive hypoglycaemia and switched up my diet to a healthier variant but still predominantly carbs. Consisted of lots of things like brown rice pasta, spelt bread, buckwheat pasta etc. My cravings for junk reduced a little bit but I was on a pretty tight 2-3 hours schedule of needing to eat. I did this for maybe a year.

Then I stumbled across the natural health world and all it’s possible ailments – Candida, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, sluggish liver etc. It offered me some hope but I didn’t know which direction to take. Everybody I saw had a different opinion and tests were inconclusive (and bloody expensive). I tried to start numerous protocols but was never able to stick to them, either due to too strong an adverse reaction or my own self sabotage. My digestive symptoms at the time were now quite prominent – constipation, food intolerances, gas, bloating, undigested food in stools. For a long time I settled on an adrenal fatigue diagnosis. This ‘top down’ approach seemed the safest and I was holding onto the fact there was strong link to being the cause of my hypoglycaemia.

So I tried the different supplements, really tried but had stimulatory reactions to all of them. Liposomal vitamin C, B vitamins, glandulars etc. I tried these all in minute doses. They made me extremely wired, particularly the liposomal vitamin C. It felt like rocket fuel! I was still working with a practitioner at the time (Dr Lam) who just gave me advice to reset by going off the dosages then trying again. I never got onto a protocol that I could stick to and wasn’t digesting my food properly anyway. I’ve always wrestled with the chicken and egg question regarding my health – Is my digestive tract causing the problems elsewhere in my body? Or are weak adrenals, weak immune system causing pathogens to thrive? Either way the protocol wasn’t working and was costing me a fortune.

After this, maybe 2 years into my health trouble I experienced my first ‘twinge’ with my liver. For some reason, when I started taking ‘oxy-powder’, I started to feel an ache in my liver. I discontinued use and started taking milk thistle (I wasn’t as sensitive at this time) and it reduced a little bit but never went away. I went back to conventional doctors and sure enough my liver enzymes came out high. From that they decided to do an ultrasound scan which showed no abnormalities and I requested an endoscopy (I have private health insurance here in the UK). I decided against requesting a colonoscopy as I wasn’t sure how I would do the clear liquids bowel prep with hypoglycaemia. I’ve also never experienced blood in my stools to suggest something more serious. The endoscopy came out clear. I then had to go back to natural medicine as I was getting nothing from orthodox doctors. This was maybe a year ago.

I learned of the paleo diet and GAPS diet and began to try and implement them. GAPS in particular was what I was most interested in as it looked like the most comprehensive diet for digestive healing. Unfortunately I really struggled with the healing components of the plan – bone broth, fermented vegetables, fermented dairy. I had (have) a real problem with fermented foods. They give me intense brain fog and cravings that don’t abate with time. I suspect this is a histamine problem.

I eventually gave up on that and decided to do a stretch with no supplements but still quite a tight diet. This was up until about 1.5 months ago. This was an important period for me as I had become consumed by my health journey. Neglected friends and hobbies and really had no life. I felt ill but stable enough to get on with life and took up salsa dancing which has since become a major passion of mine, went out with friends, met a girl (didn’t last..) and managed to engineer myself into a position to be offered a new job. I also decided to purchase a house. I hadn’t experienced any true healing, was merely getting on with things and this mindset helped. However I was also ‘enjoying’ having a social life and had an occasional drink from time to time and strayed from the diet.

Then things collapsed about 1.5 months ago. My spirits were still high having completed on my brand newly constructed house. I went home for a meal with my family in a restaurant and was exposed to a gas leak. I started to feel really breathless but managed to hide it for the evening. I assumed it would pass but it has stayed with me. No-one else seemed affected. When the builders had finished with the last aspects of the house – The vinyl, carpet and laminate floor, I started to become chemically sensitive to my environment. Whenever I stayed in my house for any length of time I experienced crushing brain fog and fatigue. I couldn’t function and this feeling stayed with me for days after. I couldn’t live there and was crushed. To get the house ready for occupancy I had to visit the house on and off for the past month or so. This has been crippling. Each exposure has set back my health and seemingly added to a permanent strain on my body, even though I no longer need to spend time there.

That brings me up to the present day. I was forced out of my ‘safe’ rental accommodation and am staying in my friends flat. I start the new job I mentioned earlier in possibly the worst health of my life on Monday. I’m desperately trying to return to a period of stability and my environment has been the number 1 focus, however my health has been knocked back. The defining symptom that is making life extremely difficult is breathlessness, a feeling you can’t catch your breath. This symptom is on and off most of the time, and started back in that restaurant.

All present symptoms are as follows….

– Bouts of breathlessness
– Brain fog
– Hypoglycemia (currently controlled with a ketogenic diet)
– Liver ache
– Constipation
– Post nasal drip
– Fatigue
– Insomina
– Depression (you can see why!)
– Acne
– Dark circles under eyes
– Skin pigmentation patches
– Joint ache
– Food intolerances
– Gas
– Bloating
– Undigested food in stools

Diet is mostly meat, fish, good fats and green veg. I have genuine intolerances to egg, dairy and nightshades, and struggle digestively even with aids with starch, fruit and grains.

Supplements I’m taking are….

– Thorne research SF722
– Thorne research betaine HCL
– Nutricology ox bile
– Solgar vitamin C
– ConcenTrace Trace Minerals

So I thought I would try the McCombs plan as it uses minimal supplements, is a plan that you can focus on as I struggle with self navigating and the sweating offers an alternative detox to my liver which is clearly flagging. I’ve found the sweating on occasion tough on my body though, often increasing my feelings of breathlessness.

Happy to hear any thoughts.