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My gut issues got a lot better with fruits actually: lessened bloating and gas, no more constipation. No blood sugar spikes as far as I can tell (none of the shaking hands and faintness that I recall). It’s really gone so well which is almost ironic considering how I had been avoiding fruits like poison for a year before. And now it seems like fruits are the only thing I can digest without worries. Then again it was always the starches that were my problem.

Right, if you have problems with eggs and dairy the gaps smoothie would not be for you. But I think her point with it was that in case of severe constipation increasing fat consumption can help, and that could be coconut oil as well. But I guess if you have been doing low carb/paleo your fat consumption is considerable already.

Up until a week ago I ate 5 times a day but I often felt that between meals my energy levels just crashed and I was very hungry all the time. That’s why I decided to try the blood sugar balance protocol. I now eat every hour: first breakfast, then an hour later a small snack of say 1/2 carrot or 1/3 celery; I keep snacking every hour until lunch and then again until dinner. I think McCombs says to keep eating at least every hour up until bed time but after dinner I usually forget. Though I do eat something carby (a carrot or 1/2 banana) just before going to sleep as I feel it helps me to sleep better. So I eat often (feels like all the time!) but mostly small portions (besides for the meals). My digestion seems to accept it and my blood sugar levels are more stable. I’m not constantly hungry anymore. I don’t plan to go on living like this forever but hope to stabilise things over time and then I’ll try something else.

dl stands for desiliter (sorry, forgot not everyone uses that). 2 dl is about 1 cup roughly.