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Able900;33304 wrote:

Can someone let me know if my vitamins/antifungals are good?

I wouldn’t take the GSE for more than a two week period, and this should be in the very beginning of the diet before starting a probiotic. GSE has a strong ability to destroy the beneficial flora, so if you’re taking probiotics the two should be taken hours apart.

Which type of bentonite are you taking? It should be Sodium-Bentonite which is better at removing toxins from the body, but bentonite also has the ability to cause constipation, and if the toxins are staying in your body this is causing more harm than good. So if you become constipated, stop taking the bentonite before doing anything else.

is diatomaceous earth considered an antifungals and should I up it to 2 tbsp a day?

Diatomaceous earth is usually used to remove heavy metals from the body, but it also contains antifungal properties. Since I’ve never used it,
I would naturally have to say follow the instructions on the container for the dosage.

I don’t know that much about olive leaf extract, but I have my doubts about it being a very strong antifungal, so it isn’t on our protocol.


Yerba Prima Great Plains Bentonite Detox is what I’m using. I read it has naturally occurring sodium ions. I will follow that advice on the GSE. Once the 2 weeks are over I’ll get rid of it or sooner if I start doing homemade kefir. What is your opinion on 50/50 water hydrogen peroxide mouth rinses 3x a day to kill thrush?