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It doesnt work. The pdf in question has a number of claims which are just plain wrong. The negativity towards proper diet is another weak point. No, you cant starve candida, but without at least eliminating sugars for a while you cant recover.

“Contrary to information you may come across stating that oxygen kills yeast, yeast actually grows prolifically in an oxygen environment (aerobic). But, it also does just fine in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic). Candida and other yeasts are called facultative anaerobes. ATP is the primary energy source of living cells. Facultatively anaerobic means it can make its ATP either by aerobic respiration, when oxygen is present, or anaerobic respiration (fermentation), when oxygen is reduced or absent. In the presence of oxygen yeast enters a “respiration” mode of metabolism wherein it converts sugar into water and carbon dioxide (CO2), just as we do. In this metabolic mode yeast is able to extract the maximum amount of energy from sugar and will grow rapidly. In the absence of oxygen, yeast enters a fermentation mode of metabolism in which it is unable to completely breakdown sugar, and instead breaks the sugar down into alcohol and CO2. There is still a large amount of energy left in alcohol, which is why alcohol burns. In the fermentation mode, yeast grows much more slowly since a much lesser amount of energy is available from the metabolic process.

Since the dark confines of your GI tract contain almost no oxygen, yeast always functions in the fermentation metabolic mode. This means that when you eat sugar, you get a buzz. Actually, you have a constant buzz, because your yeast is continuously eating your blood sugar and fermenting it to alcohol. It’s just that the alcohol production is much greater when there is a more abundant source of sugar.”


Oxygen does not eliminate candida