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Hello, Clare.

The link for the post “Importance of Digestive Bitters” comes up with an error – I’m not sure if this post doesn’t exist anymore or if it has been moved but thought you may wish to know.

Thanks for noticing that as no one else has mentioned it. That link has now been deleted from the list as it was previously replaced by Swedish Digestive Bitters-Important which is the sixth link down from the top of the list.

1) I note that you state to drink lemon water as part of the cleanse – lemons and I really don’t get on. Can I just give this drink a miss and carry on with the rest of the cleanse, or will there be no point in doing the cleanse without it?

Absolutely you can go ahead with the cleanse. Lemons contain detox properties, but this doesn’t mean you can’t skip them if you need to do so.

2) I’ve previously heard that you can suffer from vitamin overdose, with many of the symptoms being similar to the die-off ones. How can you tell if you overdose or if it’s just standard die-off? Or is there a maximum number you should hit before worrying about this? I know that the recommended doses for this diet are higher than the standard RDA, but I’m worried that if i’m having anything else on top of the diet doses (e.g. rosehip tea) that I may be taking too much.

If it helps, I’ve been cured from Candida for over ten months and I’m still on the same vitamin regimen which I started when I begin the strict diet with the exception of lowering the vitamin D amount in addition to the antifungals and Molybdenum which I no longer need to use. If you take the amount given for the RDA (recommended daily allowance) on the container, I doubt there’s a way you can overdose – unless you’re taking a multiple vitamin with individual amounts of B vitamins; but these I do not recommend.

3) I have spoken with a girl who has gone through this already and she said my symptoms sound like candida overgrowth which is why I’m going on this diet. However, I assume that if I don’t experience die-off during Stage 1 at any point, it’s possibly not candida. Can someone please confirm?

There’s a good chance that this is true. However, if you’re taking Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate and took it for three days prior to starting the diet, the die-off can be minimal depending on the degree of your infestation.

I’ve received your request for the strict diet; just tell me what you’ve done so far in the way of treatment. Have you been on any type of Candida diet yet?