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CT wrote:

Thank you Jorge. I am currently not on the diet. I am testing everything and keep the best. Thanks for the pdf and the thumps up for the ELISA test.


Sorry if my post is going to confuse things…I don’t know what the ELISA test is specifically, but please research its validity and reliability before taking it. When I researched food intolerance only two main tests that were recommended over and over in different sources were either a hydrogen breath test or a food elimination diet.

Lactose intolerance: hydrogen breath test (consume a lactose liquid)
Fructose malabsorption: hydrogen breath test (consume fructose liquid)
wheat intolerance: Not sure how this is tested??

Cealiac disease: Blood test

From all the research I did when I was investigating food intolerance I don’t think that there is a test that can effectively test for all 3 or more intolerances at once. It may be more beneficial to begin a food elimination diet so you can narrow down the choices to one you think it could possibly be. One way is to pick a food intolerance you think it could be and rule out this food group for a month and see how things go if there is no improvement add that food group back in and eliminate a different food group.

Good luck!

Thank you mate for pointing a warning out to me. The problem I have with the a elimination diet is that this only works with simple problems like someone being allergic to milk or gluten. I was working with a food diary for over a year, several month in one go and then breaking down for some weeks starting up again for some month. I never figured out what was wrong. No clear patterns. I than understood that some foods are reacting after a day or two when they are in the guts and intestines.

Lets say I pick the foot grass food group where rye, wheat and oats and many others are. Lets say I am sensitive or allergic to one of them. This would show up in my diary if I “only” would be allergic to it. But what if I too are sensitive too milk and food group where onions and garlic and the like belong too. I would rotate through all the food groups and after some month would I would not have experienced a single week or day without symptoms.

It becomes even more crazy if we count in the toxins from a candida dying or even feeding while being on any kind of diet or food elimination. Or a leaky gut can give me all the time symptoms. How do I ever come to a symptom free state so I can start testing food? To provoke and test I need to be symptom free. I have never been 100 percent free a single day.

I have to find a test who tells me. You are reacting to potatoes, banana, salmon, onion, almonds, goose, etc. Then by eliminating them from my diet I can see if I improve.

If you have any ideas how I can get to that stage to get to know the culprits please point me to it. Then the healing of the leaky gut is a possibility.