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Hello Able,

I was wondering about the following foods: rice bran and oat bran.
I was eating oat bran daily before my candida diet, and I am wondering why you are saying its OK? Is it not considered oats or rice?

I ate the bob’s red mill oat bran (from Oregon):

Additionally, is their rice bran OK to eat?:

I also drink yogi’s detox tea to help my liver:

Is this considered a strong spice that will kill beneficial flora in my intestines?

I have been taking goldenseal as an anti-fungal and am wondering if I should stop taking it? I started about a week ago. I am on week 12 of the candida diet and I am very close to fighting it off completely.

I once had leaky-gut very bad and I’ve had candida for 9 months now. I am very close to getting 100% better and my diet is very pure right now. Taking 30 billion pro-biotics, cut coffee back to once a week.

I am wondering about the salts I am using. I am using pink sea salt and sometimes applewood smoked salt (are these bad?). Additionally, I saw another post about baking soda/powder and wanted to know what to look for with regards to ingredients. I am using “top notch” ingredients from our local health food store.

I know dairy is banned, but what about butter? Should I just use coconut oil instead? Does salted butter contain bad salts? My gf is plastering it on all of the foods I am eating, and I’m like nooooooo!