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delicaterose;43277 wrote:
1) That I was absolutely certain heavy metals were an issue for me.
I’m waiting for test results.

2) That the person who was treating me was very well experienced and qualified – I wouldn’t let your average run-of-the-mill ND guide me in chelation therapy.
If I was to get this done I know of a qualified medical doctor that would do it.

3) That I was in a good place physically and mentally to minimise potential fallout.
definetly not.

4) I had first removed all sources of heavy metals (amalgam fillings, overconsumption of fish etc.)
I had amalgam fillings but they have been removed. I still eat salmon about 3 times a week…

It wasn’t really an exhaustive checklist, just my feeling on how I would approach it if I were going to do it personally. If the MD knows his/her stuff and thinks you are in a physical position to do it, and you trust him/her, then it might be worth placing yourself under their care. Just be careful and make sure to ask a lot of questions.