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Yeah, you’d have to get a doctor to prescribe it and if a test doesn’t come up positive, they won’t give you one. Sorry, I don’t go to doctors much anymore unless it’s an emergency since I don’t have much faith in them treating Candida. I usually always try a natural herbal route.

If the yeast is vaginal, you can try some natural anti-fungals vaginally if the OTC ones aren’t helping. I believe Able or Raster listed some on the site that they collected from other women members in the past that you could run a search in the search box above. I think one of them was using probiotics. I’m sure one of them may see your post and provide the link or message(s) for you to check out.

My skin fungus infection is on the side of my groin and thigh, so it does make it easier to treat topically.

Best of luck,