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Caprice;54386 wrote: Hello all – I just started the diet 3 weeks ago. I was mainly vegan before but am having a difficult time finding things I can eat in this diet, as I also have RA and nightshades are out, too. I purchased some lactose-free plain yogurt and just read on the label that it has added lactase enzymes. I’m wondering if this is going to cause more problems for me since lactase is a milk sugar. Thoughts?
Also – I realize everyone is different, but I’ve been adhering to the diet strictly the last 3 weeks and it seems my symptoms are much worse. I assume this is normal? Just worried this is going to drag out for years. At least my die-off symptoms aren’t as bad as they were the second week. Thought it was going to kill me. 😉

Lactose is the sugar in milk. Lactase is an enzyme that digests lactose. The problem is when the lactose is digested by the enzyme, it converts in other sugar forms that feeds the yeast too. The claim is real, it is lactose free but not sugar free.