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I agree, it doesn’t look like you’re eating nearly enough to give you energy. You really need to have a protein hit for breakfast – what Buckwheat pancake recipe are you using? Also which diet are you following? Brown rice, Quinoi & green beans aren’t allowed on the forum diet… so that’s maybe why you’re net seeing the progress you’d like to? You’re feeding your candida with those items. Just to give you an idea of what I eat (38yr old female, 5ft 9in, 9stone):-

Breakfast – 2 large (or 3 med) organic eggs on oatbran/ coconut or buckwheat bread with coconut oil
Early lunch – tin of sardines or wild salmon with a small avocado and mixed leaves
Late lunch – large bowl of homemade veggie soup
Dinner – organic chicken, organic turkey mince or wild fish (in rotation) with 3 or 4 different types of veg (either steamed or sauteed/ baked in coconut oil)
Drinks – lemon in hot water, turmeric tea
Snacks – Kefir, buckwheat crispbread with coconut oil

Have a look through the other posts on the forum about peoples diets and you’ll get some more ideas. But in terms of your energy, you should look at the quanitity as well as variety you’re consuming.