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Thank you for your reply. The reason I mention ALCAT is that it supposedly identifies the foods that are causing inflammation in my body. Beef was cleared by ALCAT, while many “healthy” vegetables that are allowed on the Candida Diet were identified by ALCAT as being problematic for me.

Additionally throughout the 10 weeks I only experienced two episodes of inflammation (RA flare) and neither of these were w/in 6 days of consuming beef.

During the 7 day cleanse, I ate the broth and took the following supplements: Great Plains bentonite, Collective Choice Pantothenic ACID,Now Silymarin, Psyllium Husk powder and NAC. Following the cleanse I dropped the above supplements and I added the Now Candida Clear which I took for 3 weeks until I suspended it due to the Caprylic Acid. Though I suspended the detox support supplements I experienced no “die off” symptoms or RA flares, and felt great. I think it was at the 3 week mark that I added Jarrow Formulas Saccharromyces Boulardii + MOS, and probiotics which I continue to take daily. The probiotics I’ve taken are Ultima Flora Critical Care 50 Billion followed by their Ultimate Flora 100 Billion.

My diet is mostly buckwheat or millet porridge with hemp or almond milk for breakfast, alternated with eggs and sauteed onions. And an organic chicken breast, wild caught salmon or Tuna over organic romaine lettuce with olive oil and lime or Braggs ACV for lunch or dinner along with zucchinni, kale, leek, scallion, onions, garlic, broccoli, bell peppers,cauliflower and the occasional red or white potato or yam for the vegetable. Lots of fresh tumeric/ginger-lime juice “salsa” over veggies, meat or sprouted brown rice.

I tried a few brown rice pastas – not really my thing. Sprouted brown rice and brown rice cakes with organic almond butter have been my mainstay stand in for carbs. As well as snacking on almonds, walnuts and cashews.

I drink just water and herb teas. As far a I see, the main culprits foodwise,which may be feeding the CANDIDA 3-6 apples per week, a bit of blueberry extract, cashews, yams and potatoes.

[h]Eliminating the gluten/gliadin, casein and all the other inflammatory foods, per ALCAT, as well as yeasts, vinegars, alcohol, sugar – ie following the Candida diet and taking probiotics and probiotic yeast is my protocol for healing my leaky gut
Again, in general I’ve felt great, no more bloating, way less gas (except after cruciferous veggies) way more energy, clearer skin, less bad breath, less brain fog, more clarity, stamina, etc. All seems great, except for the fact that my labs went up.

– Jennifer