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Vegan Catlady
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Danny33;56083 wrote:

I still think fermented veggies are FAR superior to milk based ferments.

During the sauerkraut fermentation, there is a rapid turnover of LAB species. The dominant species present in the fermentation shifts within 2 to 3 days from less-acid-tolerant heterolactic LAB species to more-acid-tolerant homolactic fermenting LAB species, with the sequential populations each reaching concentrations of 108 to 109 CFU/g (11). Under normal conditions, the fermentation is essentially complete within 2 weeks, with the most-acid-tolerant species, L. plantarum, predominating. Our objective was to characterize the dominant LAB species in the successive stages of fermentation.

I do NO milk-based ferments for obvious reasons, but I always wanted to understand better the role of bacteria in fermented veggies.
For instance, I have a jar of sauerkraut at home, but havent touched it yet because im not convinced,due to processing, that it actually contains any bacteria.
Eden Organic-

It seems to avoid that advertising,lol, that there is beneficial bacteria…

So I guess my question is: can processing keep bacteria out, or does the act of fermenting foods imply they wouldnt process it in a way that would kill what you might be eating for?

You seem to be the perfect person to ask here.