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Katy Gillett
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Hi Able,

I thought as much! How about this one? :

I have tried kefir and I do like it. It goes very well with carob powder and xylitol. A bit of a treat in the evenings :).

I’ve ordered the Megaflora from America but I run out of probiotics today and those won’t come for a couple of weeks perhaps so I’m looking for a replacement in the mean time that isn’t as expensive as the ultimate care one.

So at the moment I’m on 12-15 tsps of coconut oil and 13 drops of oregano oil. I seem to remember you saying something about when I get to 16 drops of oregano oil.. should I watch out?

Is there anything else I can be doing in the mean time? I still get health issues popping up all over the place and its driving me crazy after all I’ve been doing. I’m taking plenty of vitamin d now. Though not taking zinc and magnesium in the past few days as I ran out. Could that be a problem?

Haha I agree with your dad on that one!