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Katy Gillett
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So the part where it says you ‘can’t buy these grains in any store anywhere’ is a load of rubbish then?

It would be interesting to make some kefir. I actually just found a great looking recipe for coconut kefir which I’ll share once I’ve tried it out and seen it actually works.

And with the kefir.. the fact that it stems from yeasts doesn’t outweigh the benefits or is it just the grains that contain yeast?

Able – daily I’m having about 1/4 glass of kefir 3 times (I’m planning on slowly increasing this serving size), one acidophilus capsule and a bowl of Greek yoghurt. Is that alright for the probiotics for now? I know its not ideal but its all I have to work with right now.

On the antifungals I’m using coconut oil in and with everything. Having a couple of tea spoonfuls of the stuff each day and I’m taking aloe vera capsules but I’m not sure if they’ll actually do anything.

Not particularly having any die off symptoms though – am I on the right track and should I increase?