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Hi, Katy.

I suppose if there is any inflammation apparent, the aloe vera may help that, otherwise, I really don’t see the need for it. Aloe has an alkalizing effect on your body for one thing. I know there are some people who use it in their treatment, but I probably know more who never used it and still cured their Candida.

Since you can’t get a good probiotic until you return to the UK, and the store is out of kefir, I’d double up on the Greek yogurt at lease. I would also increase the amount of coconut oil as well.
The exhaustion can be caused by die-off or Candida either one, or both, which I am leaning towards. Rest is really the only thing that can help that, and I know that your hands are full right now. Otherwise, the two products I named for reducing die-off could also help.

As far as my weekend, it was indeed perfect, hope yours was as well.