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Javizy wrote: Kefir has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. If you drink it everyday and eat the excess grains, that should aid in healing the gut, as well as keeping candida at bay. You can get grains on eBay for about £3 if you haven’t already. It’s a good idea to get both the dairy (if you tolerate it) and water kinds, since the water ones grow incredibly fast and give you more surplus grains to eat.

If you can’t afford probiotic capsules and other supplements, kefir is the one thing worth spending your money on. In fact, it only amounts to the cost of fresh milk and/or mineral water/sugar after you’ve got the equipment you need (also inexpensive). It contains vitamins and minerals as well as mega-doses of probiotics, and I understand why Able and Raster rave about it since reading more about it and making my own. You can even make your own probiotic-rich cream cheese or bubbly probiotic grape juice with next to no sugar.

Hi Javizy,

What do kefir grains taste like? I thought about eating them but couldn’t make myself try it yet, I know I am being such a baby about it hahahaha. Occasionally I will feel a little rubbery grain in my mouth while drinking kefir as sometimes one or two would escape the straining process, but never could try them alone. I was not really able to taste anything different when I run into it in kefir.

How do you eat it? Do you mix it in some other food or what do you do?

Thanks in advance!