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david93297;50249 wrote: pretty sure ive been dealing with this for years as ive had the symptons for a long time but about a year and a half ago i broke my jaw and went through 3 surgery’s and about 6 months of antibiotics because the area around the plates that were put in to hold my jaw together stayed infected the whole time and eventually i had to have a 4th surgery to have them removed..since then the symptoms have gotten extreme its really all i can do to stand up some days ..i actually diagnosed myself with this about 2 weeks ago and started the diet the same day”probbaly why i feel so bad right now”my brain fog and irritation lvl is so bad i almost threw the computer against the wall trying to get registered for this forum..ive been reading about how to ease the die off symptoms and think i just might make it through this without going completly nuts now really glad i found this forum to help me through this

I think you just answered the question that your doctors couldn’t.

Obviously I cannot say for sure why you have candida nor can I say for sure why I have candida. Can we make a very good educated guess based on our pasts? Absolutely.

My candida came from a multitude of things. Antibiotics, diet, alcohol consumption in my early twenties and finally the straw the broke the camels back. A second terrible black mold exposure. That really F’d me up in a bad way.

6 months of antibotics is pretty serious stuff my friend and when you look back on other things that you probably aren’t even acknowledging right now like stress, diet etc. It all plays a role. One doctor who specializes in candida has said ONE script of antibiotics can be enough to set someone into a tailspin of yeast infections and candida. You like me have had tons of scripts in our lifetime.

No doctor is going to tell you antibiotics can potentially cause a terrible fungal infection like candida cause then it means they cannot prescribe it so freely like they do now. It’s their magic cure all pill and allows them to be incredibly lazy when it comes to figuring out what’s wrong with you. Does your doctor have the time and patience to make sure you actually need the antibiotic? Probably not. Just take this and we’ll see what happens.

In my opinion what you are trying to do is repopulate a city with good guys. Then a few bad guys get into the city and the solution is a nuclear bomb that wipes everyone out. You do your best to recover, rebuild the population but your doctor prescribes another nuke to your system yet again.

I am soooooooo anti antibiotics right now and it’s frustrating cause I had a bad tooth that my dentist refused to take out for 2 months. He kept saying he could save it. Finally after 3 scripts of antibiotics and 2 oral surgeries, I said enough was enough. I went in with half my face swollen from infection and my tooth hurting like crazy. I said RIP IT THE FUCK OUT lol.

He took it out and he said it was a massive river of infection that came out of my socket. THe most he’s ever seen. And guess what? Infection cleared up with 0 antibiotics after the tooth was removed. What pisses me off is if he had of listened to me in the beginning. That’s 3 less scripts of antiobitics I would of had to of taken which has probably prolonged my healing.

Sorry to ramble on.

To you personally. I would start very slow. Follow rasters advice, he knows. First thing you need to do is protect your liver like raster is saying and realize this is a marathon, not a race. If you try and overdo it, you will just cause too much stress on your liver. Start cutting out the sugar for a week or two. YOu will probably have die off just from eliminating sugar. When that subsides. Start incorporating antifungals very very slowly.

When you get to that point. People will be able to recommend what to take and how much.