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LRHG wrote: I never stated I read you had a relapse.

I stated you reported a “persistent unresponsive fungal infection.”
This was on teh frequent-chelation group, post #91214.
Specifically, you said:
“My main problem has been a persistent unresponsive fungal infection.
I am chelating mercury to see if it helps.”

This was on 8/8, less than 1 month ago.

Can you see how this looks ? It looks like you are saying you are chelating to see if it will help you with a persistent infection. There is no mistaking it.


Yes, it was the reason because I began chelation a year ago. Linda, and many other group members know it. I have been symptom free but I can not be totally sure I won’t relapse. Time will tell and I will continue to chelate until I reach the 2 year period.
What I have said in the yahoo group is chelation hasn’t done in my case the magic of eliminating candida. It may helps but isn’t what has done the most in my case. I was expecting more and wanted to hear what they were to say about it.