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Castiel;31407 wrote: Thanks for the link Jojo. Very expensive for me since I’ve got £100 to spare on this (inc. antifungals), but some of the alternatives on the link are outstanding choices. I’m checking out the LuxeBec company on Amazon right now.

Some people are just strange. Even though they know your problems, they continue to wonder why you’re eating differently. They probably weren’t listening the first time. I tend to say to everyone it’ll probably take a year to sort out, so they all know what to expect. It does get frustrating when I look at people and wonder ‘why haven’t you got this problem?’ as they stuff into their eighth chocolate bar of the day and then rinsing it down with their third can of Coke.

You’re welcome. I agree its very expensive. I cant believe how much I spend on this diet and for this reason alone, it cant go on forever.