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immunetroubles wrote: I’ve been doing some research and have made a decision. I woke up this morning having decided to remove the 8 or so amalgam fillings from my teeth, using a Dentist who is accomplished in mercury safe methods. I know doing this will not be the complete answer for me, but I’m fairly convinced it’s a part of the reason why I haven’t been able to battle the parasite I’ve had for 7 years, and the candida infestation I’ve had for at least 2 years. I also plan to keep to the diet, and the total protocol set forth in this forum. I have to, it’s the only thing that has offered relief from my symptoms. I think with people who have developed major sensitivities to foods and other things, or who have immune issues, a multi-pronged approach is the best approach

I have an immune deficiency, and it makes sense to me, that after many years of an ongoing infection, my body has become highly sensitized to all toxins. That includes the mercury/poison in my teeth. The research I’ve read indicates that even the ADA is inching closer to declaring mercury in fillings to be unsafe, or at least a problem for certain people (hmmmm perhaps those with immune deficiencies??)
Every sufferer’s case is different, and has to be approached as unique. I happen to have a lot of head and neck symptoms, I have stabbing pains in my neck from candida and lots of drainage from my nasal passages (yeast sinus infection). I also have pains in my teeth when the candida is really bad. I’ve been chewing gum constantly for years, as dry mouth is a symptom of the parasite. I now discovered that chewing gum frequently is listed as one way a higher level of mercury is released from the fillings in your mouth.

I would really encourage everyone to continue with the diet and protocols in this forum, as I intend to. I think it’s the best way to naturally combat a candida overgrowth. I would also say don’t close your mind to other possible treatments that you can implement at the same time. I think that many of us with candida have immune issues, and therefore, there are probably multiple things going wrong in our systems at the same time.

Just wanted to share my thoughts this morning, as I feel good having made this decision and am hopeful it will help me improve. I’ll certainly keep you all posted on this process.

Wishing all of us better health!

Congratulation.! You have taken a very smart decision. I am sure it will pay you in the future.
Yes, an integral protocol is the best way to combat Chronic Candidiasis. Remember that after removing the amalgams, you need to follow a chelation protocol. My advice is to follow Cutler’s protocol that I consider the safest and more effective of all around. I also advice you to become a member of the Frequent Doses Chelation yahoo group. The main moderator, by the way, Lynda like you, knows very well Cutler’s thought and the same Cutler sometimes answer question in the forum. The group is huge and there are a lot of people chelating to eliminate candida. You will have access to the archives and will find many incredible recovering testimonies from sufferers. If you read my last post in this forum, you will notice how I lost a precious time doing what you have decided to do now.

If you remove the amalgams, begin to chelate with low doses of DMSA or DMPS for 3 months, and later add ALA based in Cutler system, I am sure after 6 months or so, your candida will be story and most of your intolerances and allergies will be gone forever. This is the common report from those who have done it this way. You have me in this weagon. I can share with you my experience and knowledge about it. I am very familiar with Cutler’s protocol, own his book, and have been enough time in the forum to know every detail about it.

Keep reporting in the future, I am sure your case will end in success and will inspire more people to follow your path.

My best,