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dvjorge wrote: I believe you are over-complicating it.

If looking at both sides of a proposition is ‘over-complicating’ – then call me guilty.

I don’t want to see more scientific papers, neither read more articles. Things have a limit.

I suppose the only way one can justify the act of totally dismissing the results of a scientific research study as a qualified debate factor is by stating that you don’t want to see more scientific research because ‘things have a limit.’ I don’t even know what that means in this context, however, it does remind me of my signature below. Jorge, you’ve told me this several times now so I’m not going to refrain from saying this just once… I don’t care. It happens that now and then a forum member will ask me if I have found research on a specific subject, so I intend to continue using research studies from various labs and universities around the world as backup for my statements and information when I can as well as helping the members to obtain information they’ve asked about. So consider yourself forewarned; if you prefer to avoid these research reports, then you should probably avoid my posts.