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Hamlet wrote: Thank you Able, for your prompt response and for all the help you provide to those who suffer this condition!
I’ve read the protocol now.
I have a question, in case of a homemade yogurt, is there a way to know if the yogurt has been fermented long enough to remove all of the sugar? I mean, perhaps the taste, consistency…?

Actually, I didn’t say that the Candida can eat amylase. But I’ll explain why I don’t think it’s the best idea to obtain extra amylase when one is suffering from Candida: each time you eat a food that contains any amount of carbs, your body releases the enzyme, amylase which proceeds to break the carbohydrates down into sugar. In other words, a human body cannot change carbohydrates into sugar without alpha amylase being present. Adding more amylase to the mix certainly is not going to help the Candida treatment, and in fact, some doctors will recommend an amylase blocker for Candida sufferers.

If you follow the directions for making yogurt and ferment it for the right amount of time and the temperature is very close to what is called for, then the fermentation should be complete. But you’d probably have better luck if you use a yogurt maker since the temperature is automatically set.

In my opinion, homemade kefir is much more beneficial for your treatment than yogurt is. If you want to start with an easier way of making kefir than using kefir grains, you can purchase a kefir starter kit made by “Body Ecology.”