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flailingWcandi;49863 wrote:

But what would those smoothies be made of?
They’re mostly made out of fruits. But we can’t consume fruits as it would feed the yeasts.

I’ve cut my eating down to 1 meal a day and 3 or 4 vegetable smoothies throughout the day.

My smoothies consist of kale, spinach, flax seeds, cucumber, avocado, water kefir and for a fruit I pick a berry like blueberry or strawberries cause they are generally one of the lower sugar content fruits. Don’t go crazy with the amounts though.

Generally speaking it’s not going to be as great tasting as a all fruit smoothie cause the sugar content is a lot less but it’s filling and super nourishing.

I like it personally cause it gives my digestive system a break.

Then at supper time I try to get my proteins into me.

You can add other veggies as well. That’s just what I like.

You might consider using carrots to sweeten to taste rather than berries: yes, kale isn’t that pleasant yet, with a juicer a good leafy greens with carrots to sweeten is very nutrient dense and WILL LAST IN THE FRIDGE FOR UP TO 4 DAYS. Makes it easy.

Some say tomatoe and some say TOMATO, …. smoothie or juicing……or going the route of a product like “the bullet” which is WAY OVER PRICED and all the “cups” are plastic. Blame Wolfe and their TV advertising for that. I picked up the original bullet years and years ago at WALGREEN’s AS SEEN ON TV section for under $30.00. Unfortunately, the motor eventually died out due to moisture as they hadn’t sealed the bullet properly at that point but, the concept was the same.

You can buy a VERY HIGH QUALITY juicer at any of the club stores for well under a $100 USD. They are a hassle to clean but, are built much better than the bullet and, you can always toss the fiber out of the juicer into a blender along with the juice if you so desire. Or, just add a water soluble fiber which contains minimal carbs.

And, NEVER ever FORGET about BONE BROTH SOUP….simply the most nutritious healing soup: period.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to toss some hemp protein into your smoothies, rather than force all protein during the day: Lysine is very helpful in aiding the utilization of protein by the body aiding it’s ability to extract the most benefit from whatever protein source. My doc gave me a target of 75gs of protein a day but, I’m finding that almost impossible at this stage in my treatment without hemp protein and another product called Goatein: goats GI’s are the MOST similar to a humans than all other dairy animals, including Cows.

Only warning about buying prepared soups: the new box packaging or the fresh soup bars at stores like WHOLE FOODS and the like are superior to canned soup due to the tinplate/metals.

Great idea, Raster —- cook and freeze — how long do you suspect they can be kept in the freezer before being discarded or used? I live alone and so, my freeze is stuffed with used water bottles filled with tap water to keep my energy costs down. LOL…….

Blessings……and positive vibrations!



Carrots? But they can’t be used in a Candida diet as far as I know.