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thanks able I will pick them up tomorrow. I just worried to get any acid pills for my reflux. The day after I drank only a cap of apple cider vinegar is when all my stomach problems started 5 months ago. But I m assuming I had too much yeast and that just boiled everything over. Im sensitive to a bunch of food now assuming its from the yeast. When I was on PPi’s my stomach was ten times worse and not digesting anything. But also I m learning that it is probably low stomach acid but I dont get why the acv messed me up, I took it for outside allergies thinking it could help. So I m afraid to take Betaine hydrochloride but if it helps I ll do anything.
Thanks Raster, my fiance even doesn’t get me, she thinks I m a hypochondriac. I feel much better now then I did 4 hours ago but I just took my other does of antifungal tee. So its normal to feel like garbage from time to time with die off? After the epson salt bath I felt better. Thanks all